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The right training can make or break a Client-Owner’s project. Minimizing deficiencies and ensuring no lost-time-accidents are two of our key goals.

Our Members make it their job to ensure workplace projects are completed on-time, on-budget and in a quality manner. UA Local 401 ensures all Members receive construction-specific and cutting edge training.

State of the Art Training Facilities

UA Local 401 invests significant funds to train our Members on the latest equipment. We have recently invested in upgrading six welding machines and other equipment components, including pipe-end prep, a tungsten grinder, and a plasma cutter. Further investments in upgrading our training facilities are planned over the next few years. Our Members will have access to the most advanced industry equipment (LEED).

Certified Training Instructors and Programs

Our training instructors are trained by governing bodies in industry, such as:

We also offer a full range of Tradesman upgrade programs such as Hoisting and Rigging, Forklift Operation, Project Supervision, Welder Upgrades and Re-testing and over 30 other industry-specific courses to ensure our members are the most technically trained people on the project.

Foremen/Supervisors Safety Training

Our Foremen/Supervisors have risen to the top of their respective fields by demonstrating their part in successful projects. In selecting Foremen/Supervisors, we consider factors such as on-time and on-budget project completion, safety, subordinate confidence in their Supervisor, ability to communicate effectively and with demonstrated knowledge, training and experience that can expedite the Contractor’s vision.

These Foremen/Supervisors have successfully completed supervisory training courses from the:

Safety Awards

UA Local 401’s reputation for high levels of safety is demonstrated by the fact that it has received numerous project safety awards from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association.


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